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Master April Bowing

7th Degree Black Belt




Rank:  7th Degree Black Belt

Date Started USTF Taekwon-Do:  1996

Birthday: January 3, 1989

What type of pets do you have/what are their names:  Two cats, Jack and Draco

Favorite part of class:  Sparring & breaking

Where were you born: Bellevue, Nebraska

What states/countries have you lived in: Georgia & Iowa

What other sports/hobbies do you have other than Taekwon-Do:  Snowboarding, walking & reading

What is your favorite food: Italian

What do you want others to know about you:  I can break a lot of wood

2017 Internationals:

Grand Champion Black Belt Women

Gold Medal Sparring

Bronze Medal Patterns

Gold Medal Individual Breaking

Bronze Medal Team Breaking

2013 Internationals:

Gold Medal Breaking

Gold Medal Sparring

2011 Internationals:

Gold Medal Hvy BB Female Power Breaking Knife Hand Strike

Silver Medal Turning Kick



Master Bowing is an Instructor at Axe Taekwon-Do.  Master. Bowing began her training under Master Gary W. Meek, 7th degree black belt at Meek’s International Taekwon-Do, Offutt Air Force Base, Bellevue Nebraska in 1996. 

Master Bowing moved from the area in 1997 and returned to the class and her training in 1998.   

She has participated in numerous tournaments, events and promotion tests.  


7th Degree, USTF-7-119, March 2024, Grand Master Sereff, Broomfield, Colorado

6th Degree, USTF-6-198, November 2018, Sr. Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

5th Degree, USTF-5-303, November 2013, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

4th Degree, USTF-4-629, October 2009, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

3rd Degree, USTF-3-111, November 2006, Mr. Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

2nd Degree, USTF-2-2716, August 2004, Mr. Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

1st Degree, A-1-9477, August 2002, Master Meek, Bellevue, Nebraska


USTF Class B Instructor, April 2009 #176

USTF Class C Instructor, Feb 2008

USTF Class A Referee, March 2013

USTF Class B Referee, March 2009

USTF Class C Referee, October 2006

USTF Basic Ho-Sin-Sul, November 2007

USTF Breaking Seminar, April 2014, Oct 2017

USTF Step Sparring Seminar, Jun 2019

2023 Hours: 16 - USTF Breaking Seminar - MS

                          - USTF Breaking Seminar - WA


2022 Hours: 8 - USTF Referee Seminar

2020-2021 no requirement - Covid 19

2019 Hours - 32 - USTF Technical Course - CO

                            - USTF Ground Tactics Seminar - MO

                            - USTF Step Sparring Seminar - CO

                            - USTF Referee Seminar - NE

2018 Hours - 40 - USTF Knife & Weapons Course - CO

                            - USTF 2018 World Summer Camp

                            - USTF HSS Course - MO

                                      - USTF Breaking Seminar - MI

                             - USTF Breaking Seminar - WA

2017 Hours - 16  - USTF Technical Seminar

                             - USTF Breaking Seminar - MO

1. Why did you start to train in Taekwon-Do?
    It looked like fun, and something I could benefit from.

2. What made you interested enough to join?
    All the different things I would learn.

3. What did you think being a Black Belt meant before you  started training?
  Looking good at what you do, and having the title and looking "powerful."

4. What do you think being a Black Belt means now?
     Help teach people what I have learned and am still learning.

5. What changed your opinion?
All the hard work, sweat, and dedication made me see that  there is more to being
a black belt than the title.


Ms. Bowing 3 tile punch testing for 6th degree

Ms. Bowing, Ms. Navratil & Mrs. Ragone


Mr. Bushor, Ms. Bowing, Mr. Duralia, Ms. Ragone & Master Todd


6. What do you like the most about Taekwon-Do?
 Everything. You learn every class, and help people expand their  learning abilities as well.

7. What do you like the least about Taekwon-Do?

8. What would you change about Taekwon-Do or class if you could?
I am not sure I would change anything. I think we learn what we need to and then some during class, camp, and tournaments.

9. What was you goal when you started Taekwon-Do?
 To, at least, become a first degree.

10. What do you want to accomplish now?
I want to accomplish what I can when I can. its not so much the  rank anymore than when I started, its more the experiences you get out of it.

Ms. Bowing 5 board side piercing kick

testing for 6th degree (left leg)





Ms. Bowing - 6 tile knife hand testing for 5th degree

Older Profile Pic





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