The next promotion testing will be Saturday, August 19th, at the Youth Center in the large gym.  We will start testing promptly at 9am and the youth center will be open at 830am.  All students are required to attend testing unless excused, even those not testing.  The prices for testing are listed next to your testing group.

All test forms will be completed and returned to Mr. Todd or Mr. Bushor including your test fee by Thursday, August 17th.  The test fees cover belts, certificates and breaking material if applicable.  The following students will be testing

Testing August 17th, starting at 9am

Testing for 9th Gup, White Belt/Yellow Stripe ($25.00)

Ms. Hall   Mr. MacCaffrey, E.     Ms. Matos     Mr. Wheeler, A,    Mr. Carter,    Mr. Soica 

Testing for 8th Gup, Yellow Belt ($25.00)

Mr. Fjeldahl     Ms. MacCaffrey     Ms. Mendez

Testing for 7th Gup, Yellow Belt Green Stripe ($25.00) 

Mr. Finan  Mr. Hake Ms. Shepherd Mr. Sherrill Mr. Souchek     Ms. Tyler, E.   Mr. Araujo

Testing for 6th Gup, Green Belt ($30.00)

Mr. Poinsette     Ms. Tyler, S.

Testing for 5th Gup, Green Belt Blue Stripe ($30.00)



Testing for 4th Gup, Belt Belt ($35.00)

Ms. Brumbaugh, B.     Ms. Brumbaugh, J.     Mr. MacCaffrey, J.

Mr. Wolfe

Testing for 3rd Gup, Blue Belt Red Stripe ($35.00)


Testing for 2nd Gup, Red Belt ($40.00)

Mr. Araujo, T.     Mr. Carter     Mr. Schulze

Testing for 1st Gup, Red Belt Black Stripe ($45.00)

Ms. Brumbaugh, N.     Mr. Jewell

Testing for 1st Dan, Black Belt

 Mr. Randolph, Eric







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