Axe TKD Tournament 07/26/08 - Please click on picture to enlarge

Black Belt Team Pattern 1st Place
Gup Team Pattern 1st Place (Mr. Hake missing)


Ms Bowing: 1st Place Sparring (mens division), 1st Place Breaking & 2nd Place Patterns


Jordan & Jackie Brumbaugh: Jordan - 2nd Place Sparring & Patterns. Jackie - 1st Place Patterns, 2nd Place Sparring & 3rd Place Breaking



Patrick, Pat & Samantha Finan: Patrick - 2nd Place Breaking and 3rd Place Sparring. Pat - 1st Place Breaking, 2nd Place Sparring & 3rd Place Patterns. Samantha - 2nd Place Breaking & 3rd Place Sparring



Albert Kline - 2nd Place Sparring



Michael Navratil - 3rd Place Breaking, Patterns & Sparring



Graysen, Debbie & Dawson Ragone: Graysen - 2nd Place Patterns & Sparring, Debbie - 1st Pace Patterns, Sparring & Breaking, Dawson - 1st Team Pattern


Aaron & Jasmine Reep: Aaron - 2nd Place Breaking & Sparring. Jasmine - 1st Place Sparring & 2nd Place Patterns



Not Pictured: Randall Hake - 1st Place Patterns & 3rd Place Breaking. Jena Fuller - 2nd Place Sparring

Total Medals:

2 - 1st Place Team Patterns

18 - 1st Place Medals

14 - 2nd Place Medals

8 - 3rd Place Medals

Total: 40 medals

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