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3rd Degree Black Belt



Rank: 3rd Degree Black Belt

Date Started Taekwon-Do:   Summer 1974

Date departing training USTF:   2000

Date returned to USTF:  Oct 2014

USTF Number:  50-386

Birthday: August 21, 1957

What type of pets do you have and what are their names: Mixed Border Collies (2) Coco and Sheba

What did you want to be when you grow up: to fly jets.
Favorite part of class:
Kicking, application demonstration for each technique.



Where were you born:  Chicago, IL
What countries/states have you lived in: South Korea, Philippines, England, Michigan, Texas and Nebraska
What sports/hobbies do you have other than Taekwon-Do: Golf & music
What is your favorite food: Greek
What would like others to know about you: That I enjoy karoke.


3rd Degree, ITF-3-690, February 1998, Sr. Grand Master Sereff, Bellevue, Nebraska


2nd Degree, 2-1654, January 1985, Un Yong Kim, Kukiwon, WTF, Clark Air Base Philippines


1st Degree, 388424, September 1982, Un Yong Kim, Kukiwon, WTF, Taegu City, Republic of Korea




1. Why did you start Taekwon-Do: Neighborhood/school fights during youth.
2. What made you interested enough to join: Self defense!  Movies.
3. What did you think being a black belt meant before you started training: Ability to defeat any opponent.
4. What do you think being a black belt means now: New beginnings (never perfect) in learning and an obligation to pass on my knowledge onto those who may benefit from TKD as I did.


5. What changed your opinion: I witnesses an immediate positive change in myself that has benefited me throughout my life.
6. What was your goal when you started Taekwon-Do: Black belt.
7. What is your goal now: Continue to practice and achieve, share learning and build a better world through Taekwon-Do.










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