Grand Master Sereff Testing 04/19/08 - Please click on picture to enlarge

Bow In before testing
Test Director Mr. Bushor 5th dan

After testing


After Testing







Mr. Glover 4 Tile Knife Hand



Grand Master Sereff Autograph



GM Sereff & Ms. Brumbaugh






Guests Watching Testing



Jackie. Brumbaugh Twin Foot Break



Masters after testing



Masters with Swords



Grand Master Sereff Promoting Master Todd



Master Meek promoted to 8th Dan



Master Meek sword presentation



Nikki 3 board side piercing kick



Nikki 1 tile punch



Pattern Po Eun



Promotion Cake



Mr. Ranger 180



Mr. Ranger 180 break



Master DeBaca & Mr. Ranger



Mr. Ranger 4 tile backfist



Mr. Ranger twisting kick



Another twist kick



Mr. Ranger Pattern



Mr. Todd Step Sparring



Mr. Smith flying side piercing kick



Mr. Smith flying kick break



Mr. Todd Step Sparring



Test Board



Test Board



Test board



Testing 0408



Mr Todd & Mr Finan



Grand Master Sereff & Master Todd



Grand Master Sereff with new belt



Mr. Todd side piercing kick



Step Sparring



Sword presented



Twins Sparring



Twins Sparring



Twins Ready




























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