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BLACK BELT PROFILES - Please click on picture for bio

Grand Master Ricky Todd - 9th Degree
Master Kevin Bushor- 7th Degree


Ms. April Bowing - 6th Degree
Mrs. Deborah Ragone - 5th Degree


Mr. Sean Toppi - 5th Degree
Mrs. Sharon Buckley - 4th Degree



Mr. Keith Buckley - 4th Degree


Ms. Staci Chamberlin - 4th Degree

Mr. William Palmer, IV - 4th Degree
Ms. Ashleigh Ragone - 4th Degree



Mrs. Sheila Duralia - 4th Degree

Mrs. Lizzie Chamberlin - 4th Degree



Ms. Brianna Grant - 4th Degree

Ms. Amy Buckley- 3nd Degree

Mr. Anthony Garber - 3rd Degree
Mr. Kiel Matos - 3rd Degree

Ms. Melanie Ostrander - 2nd Degree


Mr. Tyler Jensen - 2nd Degree

Mr. Keenan Matos - 2nd Degree
Ms. Hope McDermott - 2nd Degree

Mr. Dameon Garber - 1st Degree

Ms. Alysia Garber - 1st Degree


Mrs. Haylie Lewis - 1st Degree
Ms. M. Kelly - 1st Degree
















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