Ms. Brianne (Nikki) Brumbaugh - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Moved to Cambridge Idaho - June 2009



Birthday:  October 25, 1992

Where were you born:  Boise, Idaho

What states/countries have you lived in: TX, ND, ID, CA & VA

 What is your favorite food: 

 Highest level of education: Currently in 9th Grade

 What type of pets do you have/what are their names:  dogs, Harly, Digger, Duchess

What do you want to be when you grow up:  Medical something




Ms. Brumbaugh is a black belt student at Axe Taekwon-Do. Ms. Brumbaugh began training under Master Todd & Mr. Bushor as a white belt.  She has participated in numerous tournaments, camps and promotion tests.  Currently Ms. Brumbaugh is very active in high school and sports.

Nikki and her sister Jackie are the first Axe Taekwon-Do students to go from white belt to 2nd degree black belt.



What sports/hobbies do you have other than Taekwon-Do:  Collecting Beanie Babies, playing soccer / football / volleyball, taking cruises, swimming and running track, watching movies

Current profession: Student

Favorite class in school: Science

What are your brother's and sister's names: Jackie, Bobbi & Jordan



1st Degree, USTF-1-10435, February 2007, Mr. Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

2nd Degree, USTF-2-2899, April 2008, Grand Master Sereff, Bellevue, Nebraska

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USTF Class B Referee, March 2009

USTF Class C Instructor, February 2008

USTF Class C Referee, October 2006

USTF Basic Ho-Sin-Sul, November 2007


Awarded best breaking & ho sin sul at 2nd dan testing by Grand Master Sereff, April 2008

1. Why did you start to train in Taekwon-Do?
   I liked a previous class in Karate I took in Idaho and wanted to try a martial art again    

2. What made you interested enough to join?
 Same as above     

3. What did you think being a Black Belt meant before you  started training?
 You had mastered Taekwon-Do 

4. What do you think being a Black Belt means now?
     You are a more experienced student

5. What changed your opinion?
I learned more about the rank system and I learned TKD is more mental


6. What do you like the most/least about Taekwon-Do?
 Most Sparring, Least Patterns

7. What was you goal when you started Taekwon-Do?
 Black Belt

8. What do you want to accomplish now?
9th Dan






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