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 Mrs. Debbie Ragone

5th Degree Black Belt



Rank:  5th Degree Black Belt
Date Started Martial Arts:   August 2006
Favorite Part of Class:  Sparring & Patterns

2017 Internationals:

Silver Medal Sparring

Gold Medal Patterns

2013 Internationals

Gold Medal Black Belt Women's Sparring

Bronze Medal Black Belt Women's Patterns

Silver Medal Team Patterns

2011 Internationals

Bronze Medal II Dan BB Female Patterns

Bronze Medal in Hvy BB Female Power Breaking Side Piercing Kick

Bronze Medal in Hvy BB Reverse Turning Kick

Grand Champion

Axe Taekwon-Do Tournament

Sereff Taekwon-Do Tournament

Casper Taekwon-Do Tournament


Mrs. Ragone is a three time Grand Champion in Taekwon-Do tournaments.


Least Favorite Part of Class:  Flying kicks

Birthday:    May 15, 1973
Where were you born: Kansas City, Missouri  
What states/countries have you lived in: Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska
What sports/hobbies do you enjoy other than Taekwon Do: Singing 
What is your favorite food:   Japanese stir-fry
Highest level of education: College, Bachelors in Arts/Elementary Education
Current Profession: Teacher
What did you want to do or do you do now: Even as a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher.  I have been teaching for Bellevue Public Schools since 2008

What type of pets do you have and what are their names:   Two dogs, Chloe & Tug. A bird, Albert and two cats, LJ & Furrgie

What would you like others to know about you: I genuinely care about people and helping others brings me joy

 USTF Number: 19-351


5th Degree, USTF-5-364, August 2020, Sr. Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska 

4th Degree, USTF-4-703, June 2016, Sr. Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska 

3rd Degree, USTF-3-1243, March 2013, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska 

2nd Degree, USTF-2-3010, Jan 2011, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

1st Degree, USTF-1-10717, April 2009, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska


USTF Class B Instructor, November 2014 - #246

USTF Class C Instructor, February 2009 - # 873

USTF Class A Referee, March 2013

USTF Class B Referee, Jan 2011

USTF Class C Referee, March 2009

USTF Breaking Seminar, April 2014, Jan 2017, May 2017, Oct 2017

USTF Knife & Weapons Course, Feb 2018

USTF Ground Tactics Course, May 2019

USTF Step Sparring Seminar, Jun 2019

2023 Hours: 16 - USTF Breaking Seminar - MS

                                   - USTF Breaking Seminar - WA

2022 Hours: 32 - USTF Referee Seminar

                          - USTF Technical Course - CO

                          - Sereff TKD World Camp - CO

                           - USTF Referee Seminar

2020-2021 no requirement - Covid 19

2019 Hours: 32 - USTF Technical Course - CO

                          - USTF Ground Tactics Course - MO

                          - USTF Step Sparring Seminar - CO

                          - USTF Referee Seminar - NE

2018 Hours:  40- USTF Knife & Weapons Course - CO

                          - USTF Referee Course - MO

                                   - USTF 2018 World Summer Camp

                                  - USTF Breaking Seminar - MI

                                      - USTF HSS Course - WA

2017 Hours: 40 - USTF Breaking Course- UT

                          - USTF Referee Course - CO

                          - USTF Breaking Course - WA

                          - USTF Technical Seminar - CO

                          - USTF Breaking Seminar - MO

1. Why did you start Taekwon-Do: I wanted to defeat some of my personal fears and learn to defend myself

2. What made you interested enough to join:  I saw my children having fun while learning confidence and strength

3. What did you think being a black belt meant before you started training:  Being the best in TKD and being able to defend yourself

4. What do you think being a black belt means now:   A black belt means more than to be skilled in TKD.  It is a way of life, a selfless life.  Although I continue my own journey, I now have the honor to share what I know with others by being an example for others, assisting in class, and helping with other activities outside of class.


3 tile punch- Aug 2020

5 board side piercing kick - June 2016

Testing board with new black belts


Ms. Bowing, Ms. Navratil & Mrs. Ragone


5. What changed your opinion:  Getting older!  Also at the last few tournaments, I looked around and saw all of the instructors in blue coats.  Although they weren't competing, they were giving of their time to be there for the competitors.  They weren't being paid or offered anything in return.  They were dedicated to the continuation of an art they believe in.  I see this in every class that Master Todd teaches, the time he spends travelling with us, the hours he spends keeping the website up-to-tadte, sending in forms, etc.  Witnessing these selfless acts have made me realize, that as I continue my journey in TKD, I will be focusing less on myself and more on others as well.  I am looking forward to the next phase.

6. What was your goal when you started Taekwon-Do:  To get in better shape and learn how to defend myself

7. What is your goal now: My short-term goal is to gain better balance during my paterns.  My long-term goal is to promote to 5th degree, and I STILL want to beat Ms. Bowing in sparring


5 board side piercing kick - Aug 2020


Previous profile pic

3 tile back fist - testing for 3rd degree






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