JULY 2006


Testing:  We will test Ms. Ashley Pickett for 1st degree black belt in July since she is moving away to attend college in North Carolina.  The rest of the class will be considered for testing in August.  Don't forget that Mr. Bushor will be testing for 5th degree black belt at the Missouri Summer Camp, July 28-30th.  Please make plans to attend the camp and support his testing as it will mean a great deal to him; of course he will try to disagree!  Due to problems occurring during the last testing all full class testings will be scheduled for Saturday mornings.

Summer CampThe camp will be July 28-30th.  Forms & Payment are due to Mr. Todd by Thursday, June 29, 2006.  A deposit of $25.00 is due at that time and the remainder can be paid upon arrival at camp during sign in.  The information and registration forms are on our web site at http://www.axetkd.com/region_6_camp.htm We will need the Registration Form Page 1 and Page 2 completed and signed.  They are in PDF format.  Please email Mr. Todd at ustfneb@cox.net if you have problems or questions.  The price for camp is $105.00 for the first family member and $75.00 for each additional family member.  This price includes the camp t-shirt, food, lodging and training for Friday-Sunday.  Parents can attend for $65.00, which includes their food and lodging.    Most students will learn more in these three days than they will in several months of regular classes.  We are currently working two options for transportation.  Mr. Finan is checking into the possibility of obtaining a bus from the Air Force and we are working on raising money in case this fails to rent vans.  If all money-raising attempts fail we will caravan as we did last year.  If you want to go, we will find a way to get you there.  Again we want to take at least 20 students.

Students of the Month:  Mr. Eric Randolph and Mr. Randall Hake have been selected as the Students of the Month for June.  They have demonstrated the tenants of Taekwon-Do in and outside of class.  Please visit the http://www.axetkd.com homepage to read about the Students of the Months.

USTF Referee Course:  One of the requirements for promotion to I Dan is to become a certified USTF Class C Referee.  Due to the summer camp and student vacations we had to cancel this event we had previously scheduled for June 24th.  We will reschedule the course for September or October.  We will keep you informed of this upcoming event.  It will be mandatory for red belts and above.

Web News:  If you have any ideas for our web site located at http://www.axetkd.com please inform Mr. Bushor or Mr. Todd. 

Student/Instructor Relationship (By Ricky J. Todd, 6th degree)

Read http://www.axetkd.com/may_2005.htm for the Student responsibilities with my comments listed in italics.  The following comments are what are expected from instructors, which for me is all students that become black belts.  Remember it’s more than just another belt.

1.  Never tire of teaching.  A good instructor can teach anywhere, anytime and is always ready to answer questions.  This is why black belt rankings are not just awarded.  You must be able to teach and explain every technique for which you have learned.

2. An instructor should be eager for his students to surpass him; it is the ultimate compliment for an instructor.  A student should never be held back.  If the instructor realizes his student has developed beyond his teaching capabilities, the student should be sent to a higher-ranking instructor.  This is why we don’t have “secret” or forbidden techniques.  We strive to teach you all that we know.  My true hope is to produce black belts that can someday take my place with the energy to teach and spread Taekwon-Do, always looking for new ways to present our techniques. 

3.  An instructor must always set a good example for his students and never attempt to defraud them.  This should be an easy guideline to follow but many black belts have failed.  Most failures were from inappropriate conduct outside the school, but you must remember you are always a black belt inside or outside the school and others will follow your examples and the younger students will try to emulate you.  It is not an easy task but you must accept it if you want to be a black belt. 

4. The development of student should take precedence over commercialism.  Once an instructor becomes concerned with materialism, he will lose the respect of his studentsI think some of my best schools were in less than desirable locations.  I have visited very nice schools that had poor technique and attitudes.  This does not mean you cannot develop a nice school in a new building, it just reminds us to remain humble and remember that producing good students is our goal.   

5.  Instructors should teach scientifically and theoretically to save time and energy.  I think this comes with time and maturity.  As you have more experience you become better at following this guideline.  I can teach a technique with better understanding now than I could when I was a 1st degree.  You should also never fall into the bad teaching method of teaching students the “Do it this way because I said so or it’s always this way”.  The students need to understand why a technique is performed a certain way and the purpose of the technique.

6. Instructors should help students develop good contacts outside the do-jang.  It is an instructor’s responsibility to develop students outside as well as inside the do-jang.  This is one of the reasons for community service.  We strive to develop students into good people, not just teaching them to .  This is also why black belts should correct any bad behaviors they observe students displaying outside the school.  You cannot be respectful just during the classes.  It has to become a way of life. 

7. Students should be encouraged to visit other do-jangs and study other techniques.  Students who are forbidden to visit other do-jangs are likely to become rebellious.  There are two advantages for allowing students to visit other gyms; not only is there the possibility that a student may observe a technique that is ideally suited for him, but he may also have a chance to learn by comparing his techniques to inferior techniques.  Read this carefully, it is not an invitation or directive to study other styles.  If another technique (or style as in Kung Fu or Karate) are interesting to a student they may wish to stop training in Taekwon-Do and start in another style.  When the founder, Gen. Choi wrote this you can see he also wanted students to compare our superior Taekwon-Do with other inferior styles of martial arts.  I have never trained in any other martial art.  Why should I?  Taekwon-Do is difficult if not impossible to master, there are always new techniques that require training and when you think you have it down you will find another technique that requires improvement.  The USTF policy is that if you take another martial art class at the same time as Taekwon-Do and accept a belt ranking in that system you will be dismissed from the USTF.  I agree with this policy as a USTF Representative and would encourage any student interested in training in another style to have a long talk with me prior to attending another class.  Of course due to military moves there are exceptions, for example a student (lower than 1st degree) moves to a location without Taekwon-Do.  If they are a black belt they would be encouraged to open a school at their new location and spread the art. 

8. All students should be treated equally; there should be no favorites.  Students should always be scolded in private, never in front of the class.  The exception to this would be pointing out bad technique or something that is not personally demeaning to a student.  Sometimes you have to point out errors to the class to fix all students.

9. If an instructor is not able to answer a student’s question, he should not fabricate an answer, but admit that he does not know and attempt to find the answer as soon as possible.  All too often a lower degree black belt will dispense illogical answers to his students merely because he is afraid of “losing face” because he does not know the answer.  We always have books available in class to research any questions that arise.  Also, we do not allow students to correct black belts that have answered a student’s question.  Remember a junior will never correct their senior.  If the senior is wrong Mr. Bushor or I will correct the situation.  Juniors that feel they may have received an incorrect answer can respectfully ask Mr. Bushor or I for clarification at the end of class or during a break. 

10. An instructor should not seek favors such as cleaning the studio, doing repair work, etc. from his students.  This does not include daily tasks such as storing gear, flags, etc. These types of tasks are expected by all students and instructors.  This responsibility is more for instructing you not to take advantage of your students. 

11. An instructor should not exploit his students.  The only purpose of an instructor is to produce both technically and mentally excellent studentsI have witnessed black belts that had their students wash their cars, do their grocery shopping or other demeaning tasks.  This is unacceptable. 

12. Always be honest with the students and never beak a trust.  By the time you are black belt this should be the easiest responsibility to follow but some are challenged by temptation and make bad decisions.  Just remember that a black belt is more than just a belt and you follow a long tradition in the martial arts when you become a black belt.  We are not factory produced or given a black belt.  You earn it with your actions and each of us brings something special to a class that can be shared with others.  Take your responsibilities seriously and you will enjoy a rewarding Taekwon-Do career. 





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