MAY 2006


Testing:  This month we had our promotion testing on class nights (May 18th and 23rd).  This was only because of the large number of school graduations on the weekend we originally had the testing scheduled.  We hope this is the exception to the rule and still plan to have our future testings on Saturday mornings.  The next testing will be scheduled in August and we should have 4 or 5 students testing for their I Dan, Black Belt.

We had an unfortunate incident at this last testing that needs to be addressed.  As with every testing, all students are expected to attend unless they are excused by your instructors.  If you come in late, you are still expected to sit with the rest of the students.  We had a few students who came in late and were causing a distraction behind the curtain.  This is not only disrespectful to your instructors, but even more importantly, it is disrespectful and very distracting to your fellow students and their guests.  Miss Fuller was testing for her Black Belt in front of her family and friends.  I hope this will not happen again.

Students of the Month:  Mr. Luke Carter and Mr. Jorian Jewell have been selected as the Students of the Month for May.  They have demonstrated the tenants of Taekwon-Do in and outside of class.  Please visit the http://www.axetkd.com homepage to read about the Students of the Months.

USTF Referee Course:  One of the requirements for promotion to I Dan is to become a certified USTF Class C Referee.  We have been able to put off this requirement for our new Black Belts because there wasn’t a Certified USTF Referee Instructor in our region.  However, recently Grand Master Sereff has authorized both Mr. Todd and Mr. Bushor to teach the USTF Referee Course.  We are planning on having a course at the Youth Center on Saturday, June 24th.  The cost will be $65 for first timers and $25 for any retakes.  The course will take 4 to 5 hours and there will be a mandatory closed book test at the end of the course that you must pass to become certified.  We are expecting students from Kansas and Missouri, as well at from our school.

Web News:  If you have any ideas for our web site located at http://www.axetkd.com please inform Mr. Bushor or Mr. Todd. 

Attendance:  A majority of students are doing much better at notifying us when they will not be at class. This requirement is based on “Courtesy” our first tenet in Taekwon-Do.  Students can call Mr. Bushor at 291-4013 or Mr. Todd at 293-2610.  You can also call the Youth Center at 294-5152.  The instructors can be reached by email at Mr. Bushor:  kbushor@cox.net or Mr. Todd: ustfneb@cox.net.  We have discussed with all students the consequences of not notifying us of missing class.

Taekwon-Do Camp:  We are planning our annual trip to Missouri for the Region 6 Taekwon-Do Camp in Mexico, Missouri.  The camp will be July 28-30th.  The price and final details are coming soon.  Last year we took 5 cars full of students who had a great time.  This year we are trying to coordinate two vans that will hold roughly 34 people. 

Parents were allowed last year to attend at ½ the cost which covered their food and lodging.  The camp price last year was $95.00 which included lodging, meals & a t-shirt.  The vans this year will only work with some assistance from the students.  We are placing Ms. Hiatt, Ms. Pickett & Mr. Randolph in charge of generating ideas to raise the money necessary to cover the vans and gas.  Ideas ranging from bake sales to car washes have been discussed.  This will be a class project as the entire class is eligible to attend the camp.  Hopefully we can raise the money necessary to allow us all to ride together.  The family rate last year was full price for the first member and $75 for each additional member.  Again the camp fee covers all food and lodging.

We will pass out more information as it becomes available.  Please see Mr. Todd or Mr. Bushor if you are interested in attending or would like to add your name to the list riding in the vans.  If you have any fund raising ideas please contact Ms. Hiatt, Ms. Pickett or Mr. Randolph.

Once again Mrs. Schulze has come up with an excellent idea for raising funds.  The Youth Center is sponsoring their annual Community Yard Sale on Saturday, June 3rd.  The Youth Center has agreed to allow us to sell sodas, water, and snacks (Little Debbie’s, Donuts, etc).  We could have two tables, one for snacks and drinks, and one for Donuts.  We should have a minimum of 2 shifts for each table and we will need an adult and one or two OLDER students for each table for each shift.  If students or parents who can’t participate they can help by donating the snacks, bottles of water, or cans of pop.  I will provide the money to purchase the donuts and any extras.

Community Service:  In the world of Taekwon-Do we teach the five disciplines of Taekwon-Do Moral Culture.  These are: 1) Travel; 2) Mountain climbing; 3) Cold showers and baths; 4) Public service; 5) Etiquette.  These disciplines help us to become better people and better citizens.  We should all try to participate in all five disciplines, but we may be limited in some, like travel and mountain climbing.  But Etiquette and cold showers and baths are things we can do without much effort (well, maybe the cold showers take some mental discipline too), but Public Service has always been a hard discipline to accomplish in a meaningful way.  The USTF requires that Red Belt Black Stripes perform 20 hours of community service before they are allowed to test to I Degree Black Belt.  The time requirements increase by 10 hours for each Degree level.  Those are requirements for promotion, but we should be doing community service just to help out the town and communities we live in. 

On May 6th some of the students from our class met to help clean up Haworth Park.  We spent about an hour picking up litter and making the park a nicer place to spend the day.  You may wonder why we need to pick up trash, why can’t we leave it to decompose all on its own.  Almost everything will eventually decay and return to its natural state but not everything decays at the same rate.  If we left thing lay where they are it would take a Cardboard Milk Carton 5 years to decay.  A Banana Peel takes 2 months, a Wooden Baseball Bat takes 20 years, a Leather Baseball Glove takes 40 years, an Aluminum Soda Can takes 350 years, a Toothbrush and a Plastic Sandwich Bags both take 400 years to decompose, and a Car Tire, a Glass Bottle, and a Foam Cup may never decompose.  We have special places that the garbage we produce is taken to so it can all decompose in one place.  To help our earth, we should all limit the amount of plastic and rubber we use and throw away.  Use materials that can be Recycled, and then Recycle as much as possible.

In the future we will select one weekend a month to help clean up one of the parks in Bellevue.  The next date will be announced once it has been set.  Please try to attend to help keep our community clean and work towards your Community Service requirements.

No class May 30th & June 1st & June 3rd:  Mr. Todd and Mr. Bushor will be out of town the week of Memorial Day.  The Youth Center will be sponsoring their annual Community Yard Sale on June 3rd.  Enjoy your vacation…

Dojang (By Ricky J. Todd, 6th degree)

The Korean word for school or training hall is the dojang.  The dojang can be a gym, youth center, garage, basement or park.  It is basically wherever your instructor is teaching a formal class.  There are rules for the dojang which are listed below but also some unwritten rules. 

The dojang is a place where students must display the highest level of respect.  Shoes are not allowed nor is loud talking or any distracting behavior.  In our dojang neither students nor spectators are allowed on the gymnastic equipment behind the curtain.  Students arriving before their class should not be talking but taking advantage of the training area.  If there is no room to practice then sit and stretch.  Do not distract the instructors or other students training. 

During our recent testing some of our students were behind the curtains and playing on the equipment as were some of the spectators children.  This is extremely disrespectful during a testing to the students testing, the instructors and the dojang.  From this point forward the following guidelines are in effect.

1.  All students will attend testings unless excused by Mr. Todd or Mr. Bushor.  If you are not testing you will attend and pay the proper respect to those that are testing and support your classmates. 

2.  No spectators or students are allowed behind the curtains.  Spectators that violate this rule will be asked to leave the dojang.  This is a Youth Center rule about the equipment.  It is actually a good rule as it is very disruptive to the class.

3.  Upon entering the dojang, students will bow to the flags, the dojang, senior instructor, and any students present in the dojang.

4.  All students will be addressed as Mr. or Ms. 

5.  The first student to arrive will check the condition of the dojang and make any necessary changes such as sweeping, or moving equipment, etc. (If this is not completed by the Youth Center we will do it)

6.  Change clothes and proceed to warm up by exercising, stretching, or practicing forms or basic exercises.

7.  Class will be opened by formal bowing, meditation and warm up exercises.

8.  You will give the instructor your full attention at all times.  When you have a question, raise your hand and when acknowledged, bow first and then ask your question.  You must bow again when you are finished.  If sitting you must stand prior to asking your question.

9.  Do not leave the class for any reason unless you receive permission from the instructor.  Ensure you use the restroom prior to the start of class.

10.  The Dobok (uniform) will be neat and clean at all times.  White is the only color to be worn in accordance with USTF Federations.

11.  There will be no designs or extraneous patches put on the uniform except the authorized patches.

12.  There will be no jewelry worn at any time during class.  The only exception will be wedding bands and they will have to be taped to prevent injury to you and your classmates.

13.  There will be no profanity (cussing) of any type in the dojang.

14.  You will bow to the Instructor at all times when called upon or addressing him/her.

15.  If a fellow student asks for assistance, direct them to the Instructor.  Colored belts will be allowed to teach only by permission.  

16.  You need to buy your uniform as soon as possible prior to your first test.

17.  Test fees must be paid prior to the testing.

18.  Tuition will be paid to the Youth Center by the first class day of each month.  (Tuition and test fees are non-returnable)

19.  At the earliest possible date you must notify the Instructor or ranking student if you are going to discontinue the class for any reason.

20.  You must call the Instructor or Youth Center if you are going to miss class.

21.  You must attend at least 85% of the classes to be eligible for promotion testing unless specific approval is received from the Instructor.

22. All male students will wear a mouth guard, cup, and athletic supporter when sparring.  All female students are required to wear a mouth guard.

23 . Sparring gear is mandatory for sparring in class or in a tournament.

24.  All students must be members of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation prior to testing for any belt rank, higher than yellow belt green stripe.






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