Testing:  Our last promotion testing will be on Saturday, November 4th.  Ms. April Bowing was promoted to 3rd Dan; Mrs. Schulze, Ms. Jackie Brumbaugh, and Mr. Jewell, and Jason and Joshua Komyathy were promoted to 1st Dan.  Most of the testing was very good, however we did notice some problems that will need to be corrected.  If you have not completed all portions of your requirements during the testing it must be completed before you can test again.  The next testing will take place in February and the date will be set at a later time.  Mr. Jeremy Reep will test for his 2nd Dan and there will be several Black Stripes testing for their 1st Dan.  We will require all of the students testing for their Black Belts to complete a Pre-Test in January.  They will be expected to successfully complete all their requirements (all patterns, breaks, step-sparring, and Ho-Sin-Sul) at that time or their testing will be delayed until the next scheduled testing.  Please contact Mr. Todd or Mr. Bushor if you have any questions. 

Unless you have permission from Mr. Bushor, all Yellow Belts and above should now be attending the 6 or 7 pm classes.  The 5 pm class is dedicated to White Belts and Yellow Stripes, but we can and will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition:  The Youth Center has not always maintained the most accurate records in the past.  We highly recommend that you make sure that your receipts accurately record the month(s) you are paying for, and that you keep all of your receipts for at least a year. 

Students of the Month:  Mr. Renoso has been selected as the Student of the Month for November.  They have demonstrated the tenants of Taekwon-Do in and outside of class.  Please visit the http://www.axetkd.com homepage to read about all of our Students of the Month.

USTF Referee CourseIf you recall back in October we hosted the USTF Referee Course.  We had students attending not only from our school, but also from Iowa, Missouri, & Kansas.  We are happy to announce that all the students who attended the course successfully passed the written test.  Congratulate Mrs. Schulze and Komyathy, Ms. Bowing, Reep, Jackie and Nikki Brumbaugh, Fuller, Qualls, and Mr. Reep, Jason and Joshua Komyathy the next time you see them.  The certification is mandatory for all black belts, and since both Mr. Todd and Mr. Bushor are now certified by the USTF to teach the course, we will have additional courses in the future.

Class Shirts:  The long awaited Axe Taekwon-Do shirts have finally arrived.  The shirts have the Axe Taekwon-Do logo and we are selling them for $10.00 each.  First come, first served, but we will be ordering more if these go quickly.

Ordering Gear:  With the holidays right around the corner have you thought about buying a new uniform or sparring gear?  The price of Doboks varies by size and any special features (embroidered patches, Dan trim, etc) and starts at $34 for the smaller sizes.  Sparring gear costs $69 for Head, Foot, and Hand gear.  Please let Mr. Bushor know what you would like to order.

Future Events:

November 11th – Veterans Day Holiday (Saturday), No Class

November 23rd – Thanksgiving Day Holiday (Thursday), Youth Center Closed, No Class

December – Holiday Party – date to be determined

December 25th – Christmas Day Holiday (Monday)

December 26th – No Class (Tuesday)

December 28th – No Class (Thursday)

January 1st – New Years Day (Monday)

Training Time: (By Kevin A. Bushor, 5th degree)

We have classes scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5, 6, and 7 pm.  We also offer an additional optional class every Saturday starting at noon.  The average student attends class for 2 hours each week.  We require that you attend a minimum of 75% of the scheduled classes during the three months prior to a testing to be considered for the testing.  In our many years of training and teaching we have determined that this is the bare minimum amount of training needed to learn the new requirements.  However, this is not enough training time to become good, or the best you can be.  If you ever expect to be good (or even great) at Taekwon-Do you need to devote more time than just the 2 hours each week in class.  I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t do your school homework or stop doing chores around the house.  What I am trying to say is that spending as little as 15 or 20 minutes each day practicing your old and new patterns, kicks, blocks, or strikes, or studying your White Book will make a HUGE difference during your next testing.  It is very obvious to Mr. Todd and me during testing who has spent the additional time training.  The more time you spend training, both in class and outside of class, the better you will do during testing.  Your goal during testing shouldn’t just to be able to do everything, but you should try to be the best person at testing every time.  That was always my goal, and I am sure that it was Mr. Todd’s, and if you ask Mr. Randolph you will probably find out that it was his goal too. 

You need to take some responsibility for filling your training time effectively.  We have, on average, over twenty students in each class (and many more than that at times), and there are times during class that we have you standing around waiting for instruction.  You shouldn’t need an instructor to tell you to practice your old requirements or new techniques instead of sitting around doing nothing, talking, or fighting.






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