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Uniforms:  Uniforms or "dobok" must be white and the official uniform purchased through the instructor or USTF.

Testing Fees: Testing is normally every 3 months.  There is a cost associated with each testing that varies by rank.  All students who successfully test for higher rank will be issued an official USTF rank certificate signed by Grand Master Sereff, the Chief Evaluator, and members of the testing board.  Certificates are issued for every successful test.  Ranks awarded to students will be honored worldwide.  Students that take more than three months off training may have to recertify their rank

Pricing includes test, written test, breaking materials, belt and certificate



Size 0-1 - $35.00


9th Gup White Belt/Yellow Stripe - $25.00


Size 2-3 - $38.00


8th Gup Yellow Belt - $25.00


Size 4 - $40.00


7th Gup Yellow Belt/Green Stripe - $25.00


Size 5 - $42.00


6th Gup Green Belt - $30.00


Size 6 - $44.00


5th Gup Green Belt/Blue Stripe - $30.00


Size 7 - $46.00

  4th Gup Blue Belt - $30.00
      3rd Gup Blue Belt/Red Stripe - $30.00
      2nd Gup Red Belt - $40.00
      1st Gup Red Belt/Black Stripe- $45.00
  Patches: Various authorized patches for the uniform   Books:

Axe Patch $5.00

USTF Gup Testing Requirement Book $15.00



USTF Patch $6.00



USTF Black Belt Testing Requirement Book $15.00



ITF Patch $6.00



USTF Patterns Workout Book $18.00



Set of Flashes $12.00



USTF Step Sparring  Requirement Book $15.00



Sparring Hand Gear $22.00



USTF Tournament Rules & Regulations Book $15.00


Sparring Foot Gear $22.00


Sparring Head Gear $25.00


Sparring C-Gear $25.00


Shin Gear $8.00


Shin & Instep Gear $10.00

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