Reflections: USTF Instructor Course


While the drive and the styding might have been grueling, I am completly satisfied with my decision to attend this year's instructor's course. Before the course I could vaguely remember the requirements and dimensions of an L-Stance or the names of our blocks. As a busy mom of three, I rarely find the time to set aside for studying like I should. Having an entire weekend to do nothing but put focus on the art was beneficial in more ways than one.

I now know the names of all blocks through my belt level and understand how they are named. An example would be the guarding blocks-knife hand and forearm. I also feel more confident in my kicks. You and I both know I have struggled with the different kicks, but I think they are now imbedded in my head.

As for the etiquette portion of the course, I think it was right no. I think in our class there is a good balance, but I feel Mr. Todd and Mr. Bushor have earned more. We have a young group of students that might be turned off by too stern of requests, but to stand at attention while asking a question or being spoken to isn't too much to expect.

Overall, I was pleased with what I gained. My only regret was that I didn't get to do Yul-Gok for the students. I woudl have enjoyed the critiquing! Any way I can, I hope to be the best I can be and to make our school proud.


Debbie Ragone, Axe TKD, 4th Gup


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