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September 2012 Tournaments

Casper, Wyoming & Kirksville, Missouri

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Casper WY, 2012 - Back row, Master Todd, Mr. Bushor, J., Ms. Bowing, Mr. Toppi, S., Mr. Araujo, T., Mr. Ragone, D., Mr. Navratil, Mr. Bushor. Front row, Mr. Cardozo, Ms. Ragone, Mr. Ragone, G. & Mrs. Ragone


Kirksville, MO, 2012 - Back row, Master Todd, Mr. Bushor, Mr. Buckley, Mr. Grant, Ms. Navratil, Mr. Carter, S., Mr. Ragone, D., Mr. Navratil, Mr. Cochran, Ms. Bowing, Mrs. Jocson, Mrs. Ragone, Mr. Cook.  Next row, Ms. Grant. Mr Hanson, Mr. Eade, Mr. Carter J., Mr. Cardozo, Mr Ragone, G., Mr. Seaman, Z., Mr. Seaman, J., Ms. Jocson, Ms. Ragone, Ms. Jocson, Ms. Seaman, S., Ms. Seaman, L., Mrs. Seaman

Casper WY Tournament
Kirksville MO Tournament






Mrs. Bowing & Mrs. Ragone

           Mr. Navratil                                      Mr. Ragone, D.                      Mr. Ragone G.





Mr. Carter, J. and Mr. Cochran

                   Ms. Ragone                           Ms. Navratil                               Mr. Carter






         Ms. Seaman                              Mrs. Seaman
                    Mrs. Jocson                                   Ms. Jocson





                  Ms. Grant                                  Mr. Grant
           Mr. Eade                                          Mr. Cardozo
Mr. Navratil, Mr. Araujo, Mr. Ragone, G. & Mr. Ragone D. 
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