This page will feature the Student of the Month.  This student must be in good standing and display the proper tenets of Taekwon-Do.  Parents or other students can nominate students for this recognition.  Mr. Todd and Mr. Bushor will make the final selections.  Students will have a separate page listing their biography and picture.  Please click on the picture or name below to view the Student of the Month their biography and additional photos.


Mr. Tyler Araujo
February 2006

Mr. Treynor Wolfe
March 2006

Ms. Jackie Brumbaugh
April 2006 - Junior Class

Mrs. Sherrie Schulze
April 2006 - Adult Class

Mr. Luke Carter
May 2006 - Junior Class

Mr. Jorian Jewell
May 2006 - Adult Class

Mr. Eric Randolph
June 2006 - Adult Class

Mr. Randall Hake
June 2006 - Junior Class

Mr. Patrick Finan, Jr.
July 2006 - Adult Class


Mr. Patrick Finan
July 2006 - Adult Class

Mr. Zach Araujo
August 2006 - Junior Class

Ms. Jessica Fuller
August 2006 - Adult Class


Ms. Nicki Brumbaugh
September 2006 - Junior Class

Mrs. Lynn MacCaffrey
September 2006 - Adult Class

Mr. Joshua Head
October 2006 - Junior Class


Mr. James
October 2006 - Adult Class

Mr. Reynoso
November 2006



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