Belt testing is composed of a practical test and a written examination.  During the practical test a student will perform any techniques from their belt level as required by the testing board.  The written examination will cover information about their rank and any belt below their rank.  Students must attend 85% of all classes and have the instructor’s permission to test.  The instructor will notify all students when testing is appropriate.

Testing is normally every 3 months for adults and every 3-6 months for juniors.  There is a cost associated with each testing that varies by rank.  All students who successfully test for higher rank will be issued an official USTF rank certificate signed by Grand Master Sereff, the Chief Evaluator, and members of the testing board.  Certificates are issued for every successful test.  Ranks awarded to students will be honored worldwide.  Students that take more than three months off training may have to recertify their rank.







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