Reflections: USTF Instructor Course

After standing there...in the same room as a master...I was floored by the mere sight of a 9th degree! It made me not want to take notes and to actually do EVERYTHING!

Seeing a Grand Master not look a day over 35 do flying double kicks and to pull out any information from any book in TKD want me to study and train a lot harder so that some day i can possibly come close to having a brain that big amidst all of the stuff I have going on right now. Some things I saw at the course that I see but is not really emphasized all that much is the etiquette.

Everyone was checking themselves everytime to make sure they were getting it right even if the Grand Master wasnt looking at them. I learned a lot about the mistakes I have been making and crammed my brain full of information not only out of the book, but with little things to help teach some one or how to show something a little better to someone.

Also that patience is a virtue to anyone and every one in TKD no matter what rank they are.
April Bowing, Axe TKD, 3rd Degree Black Belt


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