Ho Sin Sul:

Time limit:  2 minutes                          Opponents: one
Specified attacks are listed in the USTF Gup Requirement Book

Tournament Competition:  Tournament competition is required for this rank.  A minimum of one USTF tournament is required.


Students conducting classes with the USTF as either an instructor or an assistant instructor must become USTF certified class “C” instructors. 

Students must become USTF certified class “C” referees.

Training requirements:

Students must complete a complete a minimum of six months of active training as a 1st gup high red belt before testing for 1st dan black belt.  Active training is considered participating in an average of seven formal classes per month.

Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service.  A formal letter verifying completion of community service must be turned in with the testing packet. 

Breaking:  Listed in the USTF Gup Requirement Book






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