Ho Sin Sul:

Time limit:  2 minutes                          Opponents: two
Specified attacks: none

Tournament Competition:  Tournament competition is required for this rank.  A minimum of two USTF tournaments is required.

Students must attend a USTF level one Ho Sin Sul seminar.


Students are required to become USTF certified class "C" instructors. 

Adult students are required to become USTF certified class “B” referees.

Training requirements:

Students must complete a complete a minimum of 18 months of active training as a 1st dan black belt before testing for 2nd dan black belt.  Active training is considered participating in an average of seven formal classes per month.

Students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of community service.  A formal letter verifying completion of community service must be turned in with the testing packet. 

Breaking requirements are listed in the USTF Black Belt Requirement Book






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